Alkalizing Green Juice


This delicious, alkalizing green juice is loaded with electrolytes – perfect before or after yoga practice, on mornings when you’re not feeling so hot, or anytime you need a refreshing pick-me-up. Celery and cucumbers are mineral rich and help to rehydrate the body at the cellular level, lemon is alkalizing and supports liver detoxification, and fresh ginger eases nausea and provides prebiotics to feed healthy gut flora.  Cheers!

Serves 1


5-6 stalks fresh celery
1 large cucumber, washed & peeled
1 whole lemon, peeled
1″ chunk fresh ginger


Run all ingredients through the feeding tube of your juicer. For maximum benefit, consume within 5 to 10 minutes, before oxidation sets in.

Note: Don’t let the upfront cost of a juicer deter you from reaping the benefits – I use the Breville Compact Fountain Juicer because it is affordable, works well, and is easy to clean.

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