“Candy Cane” Juice

Candycane Juice_Filtered

Ok, so it’s not made with candy canes, nor is it red and white… but it is made with candy cane beets! This juice is so light and delicious, low in sugar and yet sweet…it’s also a detoxifying powerhouse.  Beets are especially good for the liver, and cucumbers are full of minerals and ultra-hydrating.  Even if beets aren’t your thing, this is a delicious way to enjoy the health benefits… Cheers! 🙂

Serves 1


1 medium candy cane beet, washed & peeled
1 large cucumber, washed & peeled
3 stalks celery (leaves included), washed
1 lime, peeled


Run all ingredients through the feeding tube of your juicer* in the order listed. Enjoy immediately or let settle for a few minutes for a beautifully layered effect.

* I was intimidated by all the different juicing options at first (and also the price tag on some of them!). I use this Breville juicer, which I got on Amazon, every day… it costs less than $100, and is easy to clean!

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