Vegan Vanilla Milkshake


This recipe is dedicated to my beloved Uncle Tim, a cancer survivor, who had to give up many of his favorite foods for health reasons. After recently coming out of a round of chemo, I asked him what food he had missed the most, and it was the vanilla milkshake. So I came up with this recipe: a dairy-free, sugar-free version of the tradition… and what do you know – it tastes AMAZING!! Plus it is oh so easy to make (no ice cream machine required!)… the biggest challenge for me was the resulting brain freeze from gulping this deliciousness down 🙂

Serves: 2-4
Active Prep Time: 5 mins
Special Equipment: Immersion Blender


1 (13.5oz) can coconut cream
1 (13.5oz) can simple coconut milk (without guar gum)
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder (or the paste of 1 vanilla bean)
¼ cup + 2 TBS xylitol*
¼ tsp salt


Combine all ingredients in a bowl or large (at least 4-cup) Pyrex measuring cup. Cover and refrigerate overnight, or for at least 4 hours for flavors to meld. 2-4 hours prior to serving, place in the freezer (freezing time will depend on the temp of your freezer and depth of your bowl). Allow to freeze until mixture begins to solidify on the top and the sides (but is not frozen solid) – for me this took about 3 hours. Use an immersion blender to process the mixture into a milkshake consistency, pour and serve immediately.

* Xylitol yields a wonderful flavor in this recipe and is sugar-free. It comes from the bark of the birch tree, and has anti-fungal properties, making it one of the healthier sugar-alternatives on the market. If you don’t have xylitol you can substitute any sweetener you prefer.

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