Positively-Charged Green Juice


Ok, so this juice doesn’t carry an electric charge per se – but it is chock full of negative ions that will leave you feeling positively charged for the rest of the day!  Staying alkaline is important for proper cellular metabolism and disease prevention – and one of the best ways to increase your pH (potential Hydrogen) to a more alkaline state is with food – the best medicine!!  Studies have shown that negatively-charged ions help to regulate pH and keep positively-charged ions (free-radicals) in check… and foods that are high in negative ions?  Fruits and veggies of course!!  So drink up this green juice, and let those beautiful healing negative ions permeate your soul… <3

Prep Time: 10 mins
Serves: 1-2


4 celery stalks, washed
2 large cucumbers, washed & peeled
1 large golden beet, washed & peeled (or use 1 green apple)
1-2 handfuls lacinto kale, washed & chopped*
1 lime, washed, peel left on


Run all ingredients through the feeding tube of your juicer*.  Drink immediately for maximum benefit.

*I highly recommend this centrifugal juicer that works well for juicing both vegetables and greens (if you use the right technique). I chop everything into smaller pieces and then layer it in the feeding tube of my juicer, sandwiching the greens in between pieces of cucumber, lime, or other juicy produce.  Once everything’s layered in nice and tight I run the machine.  This juicer is great – I use it almost every day and it’s held up really well.  The best part?  You can get one on Amazon for less than $100!


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