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Parasites are everywhere.  In fact, the prevalence of parasitic infection has reached epidemic level proportions in the United States and worldwide (with some estimates as high as 90% of the U.S. population having at least one parasite).  It should come as no surprise that parasites are linked with a multitude of chronic health issues, many of which are often misdiagnosed.  If you have chronic health issues, there’s a possibility that they are either caused by (or exacerbated by) parasites.  And chances are by now you’ve looked into everything: western and eastern, allopathic and holistic, standard and alternative treatments. These days we are flooded by a method of options, none that can guarantee results, yet all seeming to require a significant outflow of money from our pocketbook. And we, often feeling our choices are limited, will willingly shell out whatever we can afford in a desperate attempt to regain our health and therefore our (so-called) worthiness as human beings on the planet. I should know – I’ve been through it.

After what probably amounted to hundreds of hours of reading, researching, praying, and generally wailing in desperation – this is one of the most effective methods I have found. It is a simple powder, consisting of finely ground diatoms (or fossilized marine algae) that is also extremely high in silica (a critical element to our survival on the planet). Silica is beneficial in that it helps detoxify heavy metals and radiation, while at the same time helping repair and rebuild collagen structures required for almost every physiological function in our body.

So what is this seemingly miraculous powder that so many people have claimed helped them (and their animals) overcome a plethora digestive issues, parasites, mineral deficiencies, and arthritis? Diatomaceous Earth. I had never heard of it before, but after coming to a point in my desperate attempt to regain my health, I decided to give it a try.

While some people have near immediate results with using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – that is, seeing dead parasites in the toilet after one dose, my results were not quite as immediate (but nonetheless impressive). What did happen immediately is I noticed an improvement in my digestion, less diarrhea, less bloating, and yes – I did see parasites in the loo from time to time after starting. I was intrigued by my results and did more research, discovering that DE can also safely be administered to kids and animals. I began my children on a smaller dose, and sure enough my son eliminated a nest of pinworms within 2 days. I also mix it in with my dogs’ food once daily, and after being on this regimen for about a month, my miniature dachsund vomited up what appeared to be a 6 inch long tapeworm (onto my carpet, of course).

DE kills parasites by dehydrating them, and although it does not have this same effect on larger mammals (such as us humans) it is a good idea to drink extra water while you are taking it. If you find that it causes constipation, consider adding a magnesium supplement to your regimen to help keep things moving.

Since everybody is different and has varying degrees of health and tolerance to detoxification, I encourage you to start slow. I began by taking 1 teaspoon mixed into 8 ounces of filtered water. I upped my dosage by 1 teaspoon a day until I reached 2 rounded tablespoons, which is the dose I maintain now. I am not a big person (about 5 foot 2″ on a good day), and about 115 lbs… but this is the dose that works for me and I have not seen any negative side effects. You might find that a lesser dosage works for you (many people seem to do just fine at 1 heaping tablespoon a day). Again, start slow, and build up until you’ve found the dose that works for you. I generally take DE for about one month on, one month off throughout the year to kill any existing parasites and act as a preventative measure. When you first start out, I recommend taking it for 3 months straight, to address all the life-cycles of a parasite (typically about 90 days for adult parasites and their eggs).

Other things to consider when taking DE – be sure to mix it with a wooden or plastic utensil, as opposed to something metal. The reason for this is because DE carries a charge (which might be part of the reason it is so amazing for detoxifying the digestive tract). Also, take care not to inhale the fine powder, as it can irritate the lungs. Be sure to purchase a brand that is labeled “Food Grade” to ensure the product isn’t contaminated and is safe for internal use (to see the kind of Diatomaceous Earth I use, CLICK HERE).  DE can be taken with or without food, however I recommend taking it with the first meal of the day (to ensure your hungry parasites get a nice dose when they try to eat your food).

As a final side-note, DE makes for an excellent non-toxic pest control around the house – especially important if you have pets or small children. It can be sprinkled (using a duster device) on carpet or in the yard, or anywhere you have a pest problem (I used this a few months ago on a persistent ant colony in my garage and it worked like a charm).

If you’re interested in learning more about Diatomaceous Earth, I encourage you to search for user reviews online. There are plenty of positive reviews out there from people who have struggled with a variety of health issues, to find them alleviated or resolved by adding this simple powder to their daily regimen.



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