Hello, and welcome to my website!  I am a vegan, yoga teacher, and busy mom with a passion for cooking and all things wellness.  I first became vegan to help manage and recover from a debilitating chronic illness, during which time my body developed many food allergies and sensitivities.  A complete dietary overhaul became necessary – I had to switch to eating only home-cooked, plant-based meals just to survive.  And survive I did… in fact, i thrived!  I feel better today than I have in years… as Hippocrates so wisely said, let food be thy medicine!!  As a result, along with being vegan, you won’t find any gluten or corn in my recipes, no peanuts, yeast, or GMO foods, little to no sugar, and everything can be prepared organic.  These trials have had a silver lining in that I am now completely immersed in the satisfaction of cooking and consuming healing foods, and learning natural ways to live a cleaner, healthier life.  It is my pleasure to share all that I have learned with you.